We offer several finance options so you can improve your conservatory roof now and pay later.

Finance Options

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Pay Monthly Plans

Whether you are looking to pay back over a matter of months or a few years, we have a finance option to suit you.

Interest Free Credit

This finance option allows you to pay for your eco-panel installation over a flexible period of 10 to 36 months, with the added benefit of 0% APR, making it a cost-effective choice.

This is a budget-friendly option as you won’t need to pay interest, making monthly payments more affordable and predictable. Additionally, the timeframe is flexible, allowing you to create a plan that works for you and your financial situation.

Interest Bearing

Our other finance option provides a longer repayment period of between two years and ten years and comes with an APR ranging from 13.9% to 18.9%, allowing you to tailor your payments to your budget.

This extended repayment period offers lower monthly payments, making it easier to manage your budget. This option can also provide flexibility in the payment timeframe, allowing you longer to repay should you need it.

Buy Now Pay Later

Pay nothing for six months and spread the cost over 5-10 years at 14.9% APR. A fastastic way for you to enjoy your product, and pay later.

Finance FAQs

Energy and noise effective, our lightweight aluminium panels are a quick and cost effective way to update your conservatory roof.

Our finance options are available to finance anywhere between £1,000 - £25,000.

It will take less than 30 seconds for you to be approved. The application process is easy and will only take 5 minutes to complete.

The interest rate is fixed, so once we have an agreement you can rest assured that there will be no surprise payment increases over your payment period.

Yes, you can pay off the finance early and just be charged one-month interest.

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Finance options are an excellent solution to helping you improve your conservatory roof without having to pay for it all at once.

If you have any questions about the finance options available, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and talk you through which options might be best for your situation. Call us on 01202 798666.

Don’t waste time if you know which solution will work for you, take 5 minutes to apply now.

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